Poker Terminology Main Terms

Online Poker Terminology

Online poker is a well-known card game played by billions of people around the globe every day. The growth and development of online poker have dramatically increased the number of poker games available vastly throughout the world. Now it is easier than ever before to sign up for a poker game in virtually any place, at any time, all over the world. Online poker terminology is very important when you are playing poker online because you have to understand what is happening.

Texas Holdem is the most commonly used poker term when referring to poker online. This term refers to the most popular Texas Holdem variant. The basic rules of Texas Holdem remain the same as those used in regular poker tournaments. In addition to Texas Holdem, there are several other varieties of poker available on the Internet.

Betting Terms in Online Poker

When referring to online poker terminology, betting terms are also very important. When betting on online casinos or poker sites, players refer to betting bankrolls, which is the minimum amount they want to spend on playing. They then refer to this in terms such as betting limits, or maximum bet. In some cases, online poker players may use both terms, where the bankroll is specified as a maximum amount and the maximum bet allowed as a limit.

Other common online poker terminology include:

  • showdown, which are the name of the game in normal casino play;
  • high poker, which mean playing for stakes of at least twenty dollars;
  • lowball, which means playing for stakes of five dollars or less.

One important poker term is bet bluffing, where a player tries to make fake bets in hopes of getting someone to fold to his bets, and in some cases, he will bluff just to scare off his opponents. Bluffing can backfire against a player, especially if it is noticed by other players in the game.

Texas Hold Em Poker Terminology

Some online poker games have what are known as Texas Holdem poker games, which are played with seven cards. When playing online poker games, players place bids, and these are done by entering the specific starting hand, which is seven of the regular poker cards. The starting hand does not have to be good in order for the player to win; in fact, he only has to be dealt a hand that is not acceptable to him and still makes him a winner. So if he gets this lucky, he can still call the bluff and make some money.

Raises in Poker

When talking about raises, it is important to know exactly what these refer to. Raises are a way for a player to raise the betting amount to more than the face value of the bet. There are a lot of ways that players can raise a bet without showing their cards. One way is to call the raise before it is raised, and another way is for the player to show his cards when the bet is raised. When players say they have been called, it refers to the action of having their betting total greater than the pre-betting amount, usually expressed as the ‘AFTER’ price on the card.

Folding in Poker

When players say they are folding, this refers to the act of going into the flop, but not actually folding. When a bet has been placed on a number that has reached the flop, the player has the option to either stay in the game and wait until it is dealt again or to fold and put that bet back on the board. This is often done in order to avoid drawing a penalty, which means the player will lose the money already placed in the pot.


When referring to the pot limit, this refers to the number of cards a player has in his hands. The number is usually printed right on the card, although some cards will indicate the exact number in letters or Roman numerals. The pot limit is what determines how much money a player is allowed to play with at a time. Online Poker Terminology covers all of these important terms, because they relate directly to how the game is played. Knowing the meanings of them can help any new players learn the basics and decide on which players to keep and which to let go. In addition, by learning the different terms, the more likely it is that one will come up with a poker strategy that works in real-life situations.